HomeKayaking Equipment Inflatable Kayak 1 person with full kayak accessories for sale
Inflatable Kayak 1 person with full kayak accessories for sale
Inflatable Kayak 1 person with full kayak accessories for sale

Inflatable Kayak 1 person with full kayak accessories for sale

K0 Inflatable Kayak 1 person
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Inflatable Kayak 1 person with full kayak accessories


Our lowest priced inflatable solo kayak includes everything you need to get out on the water!





Aqua Marina's Inflatable Solo Kayak makes it so simple to own a kayak! Featuring a super-tough, three-layer reinforced PVC fabric, this kayak emphasizes

tracking and speed, all while maintaining comfort and stability. With its high initial stability beginners will find it easy to get started with kayaking and more

experienced paddlers will appreciate how simple it is to set-up and get out on the water.


Designed for recreational touring, this kayak easily handles rough water on lakes or rivers.


Inflatable Kayak




Size: 10’5” x 33” (312cm x 83cm) 

Max Passenger: 1 

Air Chambers: 2 + 1 Chambers 

Maximum Payload: 95kgs (210lbs) 

Maximum Tonnage: 190kgs (419 lbs) 

Net Weight: 12kg (26.5 lbs) 

Drain valves: 1 at back + 2 self bailing 

Tracking Skeg: 1 x 15.7” (40cm)

Material: 3-Layer Reinforced Laminated PVC 

Warranty: 6 months 

Color: Green 


Key Features: 

  • Super tough 3-layer reinforced fabric 
  • Adjustable and removable polyester foam seat 
  • Support track foot brace system 
  • V-cone anti-collision design 
  • Bungee cord for on-deck storage 
  • Multiple chambers 
  • Safety rubber handles on bow and stern 
  • Two-piece linear tracking skeg 
  • Recessed spring air valve 
  • Self-bailing holes


Kayak accessories included in the box: 

Premium kayak paddle 

High-back seat 

Foot brace 

11" foot pump 

Pressure gauge 

Carry bag 

Repair kit 



K0 Inflatable Kayak kit delivered in India via DTDC courier in 3-5 days.



Inflatable Kayak


Inflatable Kayak



Storage space an issue? No problem. With its recessed spring air valve, it's easy to rapidly inflate and deflate your kayak in less than ten minutes. And it stows

neatly inside the included carry bag. You won't have to figure out how to decorate around a giant plastic boat in your apartment!


Transportation to the water? No problem. Deflated it fits easily inside your car, truck, SUV or minivan. No need to purchase a clumsy overhead rack and install

it on top of your vehicle where it changes the aerodynamics and lowers your mpg. Plus, it's more secure inside and won't be damaged if you forget and pull in the

garage without removing your kayak from the roof.


Just learning to paddle? No problem. With its two inflatable air chambers and inflatable I-beam floor, this kayak is stable and highly buoyant to inspire

confidence in those new to this exciting water experience.


Small budget? No problem! At this price you can buy several to get your entire family involved and enjoy day-long cruises wherever you find navigable water.

Plus, this kayak even comes with a premium paddle so you won't be up a creek without one.


Easy To Set Up Kayak

Your new kayak comes ready to go with two large side air chambers and an inflatable I-beam floor that helps insulate you from the water below. To set it up you

simply unfold it, inflate it, attach the seat and start paddling. It deflates and folds back up for storage in its own carry bag just as easily. A hand pump is included.


Hull Design

Made from three-layer, heavy-duty reinforced PVC fabric with an integral linear skeg that helps it excel at both nimble maneuvering and sustained tracking, even

in windy conditions.



A fully adjustable, removable polyester foam high-back seat is included for supportive paddling and an adjustable foot brace lets you tailor the fit for your comfort.

Self-bailing holes quickly disperse water that makes its way into the cockpit.



Its high volume bow offers generous storage and affords a drier ride even in rough water. The stern deck bungee cord makes it easy to stash items you need

access to quickly. You'll also find comfortable rubber carrying handles at the bow and stern for portaging while inflated. 


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