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Rafting Helmets for sale India
Rafting Helmets for sale India

Whitewater Rafting Helmets for Sale

Rafting Helmets for sale in India
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Whitewater Rafting Helmets



Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale


This safety helmet is good for all forms of water sports and great for kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, jetskiing, sailing.



  • These lightweight, waterproof and durable watersport helmets fully conform to CE Standard EN 1385:2005
  • 11 air vent design.
  • ·        Made from a hard PC Alloy hard shell, waterproof EVA inner and with ear protectors as standard it is both a very safe and reliable helmet.
  • Available in a bright colours to improve visibility on the water.
  • All helmets have a ratchet wheel adjustment to ensure the perfect fit.


A good helmet is a must-have safety accessory in your kayaking and watersports bag. It is particularly important if you are going to play in and around surf or rocks but it is good practice to wear one all the time, and especially important to provide head protection for children and beginners.



   Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale


Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale




Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale


Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale


Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale


Water sport Helmet for Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting for sale



Water sports Kayak Helmet

Whether whitewater kayaking or any other kind of watersport, wearing a kayak helmet or a wakeboard helmet is one part of using the appropriate safety precautions. There are different kinds of helmets for different water sporting activities, and it is important to wear the right helmet for the sport. It is important to measure the head correctly and check sizes before buying.


It’s hard to predict what could happen when one is out in the water, and it is always important to be safe when participating in any sport, but especially in water sports. Whether white water rafting or trying out some new tricks, flips, and jumps in the water, a watersports helmet is a must for protection. The benefits of using a helmet depends on the sport it is being used for, but they far out way the alternative to not wearing one. Whether kayaking, wake boarding, or skiing behind a boat, it is important to keep the head protected.


Choose the Right Helmet

Though helmets are distributed all over the world for various water sports activities, it is important to pick the right helmet for the sport one is involved in.


Buyers need to do three things to select the right helmet:

Find the type of helmet for sport being played.

Measure the head properly and fit the helmet exactly.

Ensure that the helmet has the proper safety certificate.


The Kayak Helmet

The kayak helmet is much like a motorcycle helmet with a fully closed body. Although masks and shields to cover the face and eyes are available, this helmet, unlike the motorcycle helmet, does not have a face mask. However, the kayak helmet fully covers the head, chin, and ears to offer full protection against unexpected conditions in the water. There are also different styles of kayak helmets that are made from different materials which include:

Full-cut Kayak Helmets: includes ear protection with better protection of the temple and head

Half-cut Kayak Helmets: rests above the ear, but is easier to size

Shallow parts of a lake or river can have deadly rocks that can damage the head or face in the event of an accident. Both helmets can protect to some degree against head injuries, however, without the side of the head, ears, and cheeks being protected by conventional helmets, damage can still happen.

Choosing a water sport helmet greatly depends on the water sport and what the buyer will be doing. If the buyer will be wakeboarding or kayaking in deep calm waters, a wakeboard helmet may be just fine. On the other hand, in shallow rough whitewater, the kayak helmet is the best option.


The Fit

Water sports helmets come in the following three main sizes; however, buyers should consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart to achieve the best fit possible:

Small/Medium - For a small to medium sized helmet, the circumference will be between 53 centimeters and 55 centimeters.

Medium/Large - For a medium to large sized helmet, the circumference will be between 56 centimeters and 58 centimeters.

Large/Extra Large - For a large to extra-large sized helmet, the circumference will be between 59 centimeters and 61 centimeters.


Once the circumference of the head has been measured, it is time to pick a helmet. Buyers should try on different styles and models to see which one feels most comfortable. The helmet should fit on the head and be positioned just above the eyebrow. If the helmet rides too far up, then it is too big and compromises its ability to protect the forehead. A helmet that fits well will not jiggle on the head when walking, running, or moving. If it jiggles, it is too big. The padding in the helmet should not feel compressing, but should not be too loose either. When buying a water sports helmet, it is important that the padding exert the same pressure all the way around the head. If it doesn’t, it is not the right size. Likewise, the strap should fit securely under the chin without slack.

Check for the Safety Certificate

Helmets that are certified go through rigorous tests designed to push the helmets to their absolute limit. If a helmet is certified by the WRSI or the European Committee for Standardization, then it has passed all rigorous testing, and has proven to benefit the wearer. Without the certificate, however, the wearer does not know whether the helmet will hold up when needed. It is important to wear a helmet, but it is also important to look for one that is safety certified.

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