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Portable LED Light for Outdoor Event Management Lighting

LED Event Management Lights


Rechargeable lighting solutions are ideal for outdoor events such as Sports and Social Events,

Event Management and Exhibitions where flood lighting and feature lighting is required.


Easily set up with no trailing cables lights can be placed in surrounding grounds and buildings to

enhance the night time event ambience. 


  • Completely portable high quality illumination.


  • Totally reliable under the most demanding conditions.


  • Outstanding operating times provide illumination for the longest functions and events.


  • Major Health and Safety advantages due to extra low voltage operation, no trailing cables, no high temperature surfaces and complete absence of exhaust fumes of any kind.


  • Silent operation is a major advantage for noise critical situations such as urban areas at night.


  • High level of Environmental Protection ensures completely reliable operation in the most severe weather conditions.


  • High illumination performance, durability and the highest Environmental protection ensuring all weather operation combined with total portability and easy set-up/take down lighting ideal for Sports and Social Events, Event Management and Exhibitions, Visitor Centres and other similar situations where the major Health and Safety advantages of ultra-low voltage, no trailing cables and cool, silent, zero emission operation are also of critical importance.


  • The emphasis on portability and lightweight combined with a very powerful illumination, performance and outstanding operating times allow one-man set-up/operation of comprehensive area lighting.


  • The exceptional illumination performance, outstanding operating times and complete portability enable very effective high quality area and task lighting to be provided quickly with the minimum of manpower resources and under the most demanding and remote locations.


Portable LED Light for Outdoor Event Management Lighting



Portable LED Light for Outdoor Event Management Lighting


Portable LED Light for Outdoor Event Management Lighting

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