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Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak equipment for sale

Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak


Electric Kayak motors can be mounted on most kayaks relatively easily, and are an inexpensive way to get on the water.

The Kayaks are powered by battery operated motors. They are eco friendly and provide the utmost in comfort and stability. As you accelerate, these kayaks are absolutely quiet and you can get up close to birds and wildlife. Their unique design enables access to small coves and inlets. Whether you are an individual, couple, group or family with kids, you can enjoy cruising on your kayak.  

The motorized kayak eliminates most of the disadvantages that a Kayak might have compared to a regular motor boat, while preserving all the advantages. Depending on the Kayak, you can generally get into water about 12" deep with the motor down and running.  

You can launch your kayak at countless locations, basically anywhere there is water access, no ramp needed. 


Some of the benefits of a Motorized Kayak are:

  • Low initial investment and low maintenance cost.
  • Motor is easily removed when not needed.Easy to fight fish, either by chasing them down, or using reverse to hold your position.Kayaks can be launched anywhere there is water access.
  • Great for wildlife photography or videography.


Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak Boat



Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak Boat


Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak


Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak


Eco-friendly Motorised Kayak


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