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Water Sports, Kayaking in Vizag backwaters, Ocean Kayaking in Vizag

Water Sports, Kayaking in Vizag backwaters, Ocean Kayaking in Vizag



Kayaking in Vizag


Water sports, Kayaking in the backwaters of Mangamaripeta and Rushikonda beach, Vizag (Vishakapatnam)



Kayaking in Vizag


The availability of adventure water sports in the city has gone up a notch as the backwaters of Mangamaripeta and Rushikonda beach are now home to several of them. Kayaking, banana boat rides, zorbing and jet skiing are some of the sports introduced in these places.


Sit on Top Kayak 1 person



Sit on top kayak 2 person


Sit on Top Kayaks 2 person & 1 person Kayaks

With both two seater and one seater kayaks, up to six people can go into the water together. For those who’ve had the experience of river kayaking, and think they’ve seen it all, here’s news: this fun adventure oceanic experience is definitely a few notches better. 


Kayaking in Vizag


Ocean kayaking in Vizag, (Vishakapatnam)

So while freshwater kayaking is all about going upriver and downriver, the thrills of ocean kayaking in Vizag is an exhilarating experience where the sea is constantly changing and offers a new terrain to traverse every time.

From short tips of fifteen minutes to long ones of up to three hours or longer, sea kayaking is very flexible. Offered at Mangamaripeta beach, Vizag it makes use of the beautiful coastline. Trips to Rushikonda are offered too. Moreover kayaking is an eco-friendly sport, because it doesn’t use fuel, relying just on wind and man power.


Water sports, Kayaking at MANGAMARIPETA backwaters

Water sports, Kayaking at Rushikonda beach


Kayaking in Vizag


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