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Kayaking in the ocean, rivers & backwater of Goa, water sport in Goa

Kayaking in Goa



Kayaking is the perfect water sports activity in Goa for those who want to spend the backwaters.

A trip to Goa can never be complete with enjoying and amazing water sports activity. Kayaking is the most common and popular enjoyed activity in Goa. 


Kayaking In Goa offers water sport lovers a calming experience and at the same time they can enjoy the beauty of the natural ecosystem of Goa in the mangroves, mud-flats, backwaters, coves and mini bays.  


Water sports in Goa



Water sports in Goa


Sea kayaking or Ocean Kayaking in Goa is the ultimate stress buster a great way to leave behind the stress of the week and to get out onto the waters and be close to nature as you can possibly get.


Kayaking provides the best opportunity for sports lovers to come close to nature through the calm water, you can explore the lovely landscapes along the coastline.


Goa’s backwaters provide an astonishing variety of sights and experiences that you will remember long after you leave. Mangroves, birds, water life, bunds, traditional houses and the strange trappings of modernity intermingle. It’s an irresistible package. 


Kayaking in Goa is popular along the South Goa beaches and at some beaches of the North Goa, including Palolem Beach, Dona Paula jetty, and Hollant Beach.


Sunset kayaking off Bambolim Beach can be a magical experience.


Kayaking at Palolem beach in Goa is a very popular water sport activity.



Water sports in Goa



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