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Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa for Sale

Inflatable Spa - EXOTIC
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Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa - EXOTIC


6 person Inflatable Spa


Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC


Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa - EXOTIC  

6 Person Spa 

Water On Target!

MSpa hydrotherapy jet spa delivers powerful directed massage, providing real solutions for unwinding and revitalization and encouraging a sense of increased well-being. You'll enjoy a personalized experience with hydro-jets that adjusts for intensity and rotates for precise positioning. You will feel a targeted massage exactly where you want it.

 Luxury Exotic

One of MSpa trendy collections - Luxury Exotic features unique crocodile pattern fabric spa cover with satin golden trim which is dedicated, stylish and luxury.

The Exotic collection showcases special MSpa logo zipper head, embossed logo and upgraded heat preservation foam mat, all add extra value to the spa.

Luxury Exotic range has a balance of classic and contemporary appearance.

HJ-511S offers seating capacity of up to six adult bathers, great water capacity and 138 powerful air jets that give you a chic spa experience.


* Crocodile skin pattern PVC leather cover with gold bottom panel
* 138 powerful air jets release thousands of bubbles that surround, support and massage the body
* Golden thread embossed MSpa logo on spa pool
* Metal MSpa logo zipper head
* 6-pad soft seat cushions included on the spa floor
* I-beam spa body structure to make the spa rigid and durable
* Heats up to 42° C/104° F
* PTC heating technology
* Upgraded heat preservation foam mat included
* Rhino-Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC and solid black premium
* Matching top spa cover with foil inside to prevent heat loss
* Advanced control box for user friendly operation and provides quick inflation in minutes
* Easy drainage design with garden hose adapter for quick and complete water removal
* Manometer, spa bladder, filter cartridges, foam heat preservation mat and installation DVD are included


Dimensions:  2.04 x 0.70m (80" x 28"H)

Water Capacity: Approx. 930 liters (245 gallons)

Net Weight: Approx. 41kg (90lbs)

Air Jet: 138 nos

Cover Material: Luxury crocodile pattern thick PVC leather with satin golden bottom panel and trim

Shell Material: Premium thick PVC - Solid black

Control System: 220-240V 50Hz

Heater: 1500W/2.04HP

Massage Air Blower: 720W/1HP

Filter Pump: 12V/60W

Heat Increasing Rate: 1.2 -1.8°C/Hour

Accessories: Manometer, filter x 2, garden hose adapter, inflatable bladder, upgraded heat preservation foam mat, instruction DVD, user's manual

Warranty: 12 month - Spa Pool



Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC


Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC


Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC


Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC


Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC



Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC



Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC



Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC



Inflatable Hydrotherapy Spa EXOTIC



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