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Camping Stove for sale Rs. 5500 FREE Shipment in India

Multi-fuel Camping Stove
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BOOSTER Multi-fuel Camping Stove


@ 5500/- , Delivered in India


 Camping Stove





- Fuel: White Gas, Kerosene, Diesel, Jet Fuel

- Weight: 435 g (with pump)

- Measurement folded: 90x65x140 mm

- Rating: 2850 W

- Burn time: Up to 2,5 hours at maximum output with M size

fuel bottle (using 450 ml fuel)

- Boil time (1 L of water): Down to 3,5 minutes depending on

climate, altitude etc.


  • Truly versatile and easy to operate Multi-Fuel Stove
  • Inbuilt stainless steel stand to prevent the fuel bottle rolling on
  • Gas valve and fuel tank assembly is simple and convenient



Camping Stove 


Camping Stove



Camping Stove




  • Use only in a well ventilated area
  • Do not use indoors or inside a tent
  • Do not use near a heat source or open flame
  • Do not touch the stove during or immediately after operation
  • Do not store with fuel bottle or butane canister connected to stove
  • Turn off the valve and wait until the fire goes out before adding fuel or separating the connections
  • Not to be operated independently by children




  1. After usage, first turn off the valve (not too hard) and blow off the flame as it gradually gets faint. Allow the stove to cool down and put away the bracket.
  2. While in use, if the flame is constantly flickering – increase the fuel flow pressure gradually till the flame is consistent.
  3. Please use clean and unadulterated fuel only.




  1. Clean the filter element in the muzzle (10) as well as the warm-up pipe regularly by pulling out the steel wire in the warm-up pipe (9).Use the round hole in the matching tool for cleaning.  
  2. Add lube to the inflator regularly to prolong the life of the rubber band.
  3. To prevent fuel bursting out when the fuel bottle is opened, first rotate the inflator slightly counterclockwise to let out a small amount of air. Open the bottle till the air in the bottle is emptied.
  4. After a long time of usage, the shaft connecting to the inflator may be leaking, which is a normal phenomenon caused by abrasion. This can be sorted by adjusting the screw in the plastic knob on the stub.



Camping Stove




Camping Stove



Camping Stove



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