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24W Remote Area LED Work Light

24W Remote Area LED Work Light
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24W Remote Area LED Work Light


 24W Remote Area LED Work Light



Model No: 24W  Remote Area LED Worklight

Voltage: 12V 7Ah/128.8Ah

Power: 24W

Luminous intensity: 1800 Lumens(high) , 800 Lumens(low)

Beam pattern: Flood/Spot beam, Lithium

Weight: 5 kg

Working time: 6 H (high) 25 H (low) 



  • 8pcs super bright white 3 Watt LEDs work light
  • Digital display to indicate battery power & watt
  • High Flux LED with efficient light
  • Life span >50,000 Hours
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Rechargeable portable light with 500 cycles
  • Height adjustment by telescopic handle
  • Handheld Style
  • High/Middle/Low Switch
  • Durable Switch &Strap
  • Waterproof IP 67 

Charge 8-10 hours before start for best results



24W Remote Area LED Work Light



24W Remote Area LED Work Light


24W Remote Area LED Work Light


24W Remote Area LED Work Light


24W Remote Area LED Work Light



Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) Applications: 

  • Remote area LED work lights for emergencies, floods and as emergency rescue and relief work lights in disaster management.
  • Rechargeable, light weight and portable, remote area LED lights are best for outdoor adventure related camping, night jungle safari, angling or fishing and can be easily carried on boats, jeeps or any type of vehicle.    
  •  Remote area LED work lights as searchlights for forest patrolling, coastal patrolling, as marine searchlights, marine rescue lights. 
  • Remote area LED work lights for railway, subway, road and tunnel maintenance and construction work. 
  • Remote area LED work lights for emergency rescue, medical assistance, industrial and mining work lights.


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