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How to launch your kayak

How to launch your kayak


Launching your kayak does not have to be difficult as long as you know what you’re doing.

When it comes to launching your kayak, there are a few important decisions that you must make. The first thing you should decide is whether or not you want to launch your kayak from the land, or on the water. You can even launch your kayak from a dock, though that is usually a bit harder to do than launching the boat from the beach, or on dry land.


The two main methods of launching your kayak from the land consist of the regular launch, and of “wet-footing” it.

Wet footing means that you load up your kayak in the water so that the bottom will not rub against the sand or rocks that might be on the beach. You should definitely use this method to launch your kayak if you are going to be launching from a rocky beach, or any other situation where there might be objects that can harm your kayak in the sand.

After all, while most kayaks are generally designed to be fairly sturdy, it is always possible that they could be damaged. This is especially the case if they are loaded up on land, and then dragged over rocks.


When launching your kayak from the water, you should make sure that you are able to put everything into your kayak that you want to use.

You should probably load the lighter objects into your kayak when you are still on land, as well, since they won’t cause any extra harm to your kayak, and it will make getting in a lot easier once you are in the water. If you decide to try launching your kayak this way, make sure that you practice a little bit first. That way you’ll be able to get into your kayak quickly and easily, and you won’t fall.


If you think that this method sounds too complicated, some people find that it is easier to get into their kayak on dry land. However, you should only use the dry land launch if you are on a sandy beach where there are no major obstacles between yourself and the water. Then, pull your kayak out so that the bow is actually floating. This is so that you will not have to drag

your kayak over too much sand before you get into the water.

Keep in mind that launching your kayak can get a lot more dangerous and difficult if you are launching in an area where there is a lot of surf. While it is always possible to launch a kayak in high surf, you’re probably better off avoiding this.

Therefore, you should try to find a beach that is sheltered for launching your kayak.


Getting in to the kayak on dry land 

Getting in to the kayak on dry land is one of the easier ways to get into your kayak.

There are many different ways that you can get into and out of your kayak. In fact, getting into the kayak is more than likely one of the hardest parts of kayaking. You should always make sure that you know what you're doing before you start trying to get into your kayak. When it comes to getting in to the kayak on dry land, there are a few things that you'll want to pay attention to so that you are successful and don't get hurt.


When you're planning on launching from a beach, you should make sure that you check the surf conditions.


Keep in mind that the lower the surf, the easier it will be to get out to sea. Therefore, you should always make sure that there is as little surf as possible before you head out.

Before getting in to the kayak on dry land, you should also check around the area to make sure that there are no rocks in your way. For this reason, you should really only get into the kayak on land if you're on a sandy beach.


Otherwise, you might scratch or puncture the bottom of your kayak. Once you've determined that there are no rocks in your direct path, you'll be ready to get going.

Pull your kayak a little bit off the beach so that the bow is already floating. This will be important so that you'll be able to get off the beach once you're in the kayak. You'll want the kayak to be on the ground at least a little bit so that you'll be able to pull yourself away from the beach. However, you'll want to keep in mind that the kayak will settle lower in the water after

you get in. With that in mind, make sure that you pull the kayak off the beach enough so that it will be able to slide into the water once you are inside.


If you are getting in to a two-person kayak on dry land, make sure that you pull the kayak a little bit further from the beach than you would if it was just a kayak for one person, since it will have the weight of two people in it and will settle even lower in the water.

After you are in the kayak, push off from the beach using your paddles, and you'll be ready to kayak!

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