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Inflatable Bubble Spa - 4 person

Inflatable Spa - ELITE 4 person Spa
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Inflatable Spa - ELITE


4 person Portable Bubble Spa



Inflatable Spa Elite


Inflatable Jacuzzi - Whirlpool Rêve Elite

The new Whirlpool Rêve Elite is a classic jacuzzi in a modern design. The JB-301 provides capacity for up to 4 adults and this with 118 air jets and/or 4 hydrotherapy massage jets.

You are massaged with 118 powerful air jets or 4 hydrotherapy massage jets at the desired temperature of up to 42 degrees. With its look, Rêve Elite is the right choice for peace and relaxation.

Color: beige / brown

Technical Specifications

  • New LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Internal diameter: Ø 140 cm
  • Outer diameter: Ø 180 cm
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Water capacity: 700 liters
  • Weight (without water): 40 kg; about 750 kg (filled)
  • Heating capacity: 1500 W (2 ° C / hour) - heated up to 42 ° C
  • Power bubble blower: 720 W
  • Air nozzles: 118 nos
  • Massage jets: 4 hydrotherapy jets
  • Ozonator: Yes
  • Safety: CE-tested / RCD plug


  • Whirlpool Rêve Elite - JB-301
  • Integrated control unit
  • LCD touchscreen display
  • Thermal cover (1 inflatable / 1 Isolation Cover with zipper)
  • 2 filter cartridges
  • Assembly instructions on DVD
  • Combination lock
  • Repair patches
  • Insulation mat


Inflatable Spa Elite


Inflatable Spa Elite


Inflatable Spa Elite



Inflatable Spa Elite



Inflatable Spa Elite


Inflatable Spa Elite


Inflatable Spa Elite



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