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Electric Outboard Motor 30 lbs

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 Electric Outboard Motor 30 lbs


A good universal small boat motor is a 30 lb thrust electric motor suitable for small personal boats.

While 30 lbs of thrust might not work for a heavy fiberglass boat, it is more than enough to power your dinghy or inflatable boat or even a kayak for your environment friendly boating experience or fishing trip. These are extremely light weight electric outboard trolling motors. Electric outboard motors are absolutely silent, produce no exhaust gases and cause no un-necessary waves. Of course, they are not as lively as fuel driven engines. They are sufficient though for leisurely motion.



Electric Trolling Motor 30lbs


Main Features:


Extendable handle: 350mm length of handle extension.

Handle tilt position adjusting: The range of handle tilting position is 0°~ 110°

Power Reader: Display 5 levels of battery power. 

Level lock bracket: 10 levels of tilting position. 

Multi-speed control: 5 forward speed levels and 3 reverse speed levels of control.





Voltage - Rated/Max:  DC 12V

Depth Adjustment: Depth collar

Power -Rated /Max: 312W / 360W

Thrust (Lb/Kg): 20lbs / 13.4kg

Gross Wt / Net Wt: 8.3kg / 6.8kg

Amp - Rated /Max:  26A / 30A

Propeller Type/Size: 2 blade propeller / 9 inch dia

Decibel level (Db): 50db

Prop Speed at full Max: 1200 rpm

Shaft Type: Aluminum

Shaft length (inch/ mm): 30 inch / 760mm

Battery type: 105AH deep cycle battery (battery not include) produces 2.5hr top speed thrust.

Max boat length: 4.0m

Max load capacity: 250kg


Electric Trolling Motor 30lbs



Electric Trolling Motor 30lbs


Electric Trolling Motor 30lbs


Electric Trolling Motor 30lbs


Electric Trolling Motor 30lbs


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